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Blue Jays Drafting in the Anthopoulos Era

in Batter's Box Interactive Magazine
Date: Wed, Mar 12, 2014

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Minor League Ball Gameday: Wednesday, March 12

in Minor League Ball - All Posts
Date: Wed, Mar 12, 2014

A look at the stats from Tuesday's action, along with an injury report and news on demotions from big league camp.

Hey folks. Welcome back to the Minor League Ball Gameday thread. Once again, the Colorado offense smoked their opponent with ...

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Top 40 Twins Prospects of 2014: 30, 29, 28, 27, 26

in AaronGleeman.com
Date: Wed, Mar 12, 2014

Also in this series: 31-35, 36-40. 30. D.J. Baxendale | Starter | DOB: 12/90 | Throws: Right | Draft: 2012-10 YEAR LV G GS ERA IP H HR SO BB 2012 RK+ 6 0 0.00 7.2 1 0 16 1 A- 11 0 1.64 11.0 12 0 15 1 2013 A+ 9 9 1.10 57.1 […]

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Lincecum impressive again

in The Giants Baseball Blog- A San Francisco Giants Blog and Fan Website
Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2014

Perhaps the single biggest disappointment on the Giants roster over the last two seasons looks like he may have figured some things out this offseason.

After revamping his offseason workout regimen, signs of the old Tim Lineceum are surfacing. The former ace turned in his ...

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The trades (Trumbo and Bourjos) - it's not that simple

in True Grich
Date: Wed, Jan 22, 2014

If anything the Angels approach to this off season is completely different from the previous two. There aren’t any major free agent signings to date. Instead, the Angels have opted to make adjustments via trades and these moves have been significant.

They’re significant for more than just the impact they will have on winning and losing, but they have major ramifications for ...

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in Sully Baseball
Date: Fri, Aug 16, 2013

After years of posting Sully Baseball on Blogger, I have moved the blog to a new address that you can find by clicking HERE. It will be the same combination of podcast posts, articles, blog posts and links. And feel free to use this as an archive ...

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Stand strong

in The Baseball Docent
Date: Tue, Apr 16, 2013

Given the unfortunate and horrific events of yesterday in Boston... I felt prompted to post this video - which is about a very ...

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A happy goodbye

in The 'Ropolitans
Date: Tue, Feb 26, 2013

When I started this blog in 2006, I had no idea the sort of effect it would end up having on my life. I did it on a whim - as something to help me pass the summer of my transition between high school and college.

Nearly seven years later, it's time to say goodbye. ...

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Why it is easy to root for R.A. Dickey

in Baseball Factory Blog
Date: Thu, Jun 28, 2012

Rob NaddelmanProfileRob Naddelman: Through a Parent’s Eyes

A few months back I was driving to Baseball Factory during my morning commute and tuned into NPR. I turned on the station in ...

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Matt Cain pitches a perfect game!

in A Giant Blog
Date: Thu, Jun 14, 2012

  • All I can say is WOW! This makes the mlbtv package well worth the price! Mr. Cain was dominant in this game.
  • This is the first perfect game in NY/SF Giants franchise history.
  • Here is a perfect game-saving catch by Gregor Blanco in the 7th inning.

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An Epic (ly bad) Performance

in The Brooklyn Baseball Blog
Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2011

It’s an annual occurrence akin to the spawning of the salmon, the tortoise migration to the Galapagos islands, or Yankees fans coming out of the woodwork when the team makes the playoffs and saying they are “die-hards” – it’s the full-timers vs. ...

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Manny turns in his Hall of Fame ticket

in Baseball Engineer
Date: Mon, Apr 11, 2011

photo © 2008 Keith Allison | more info (via: Wylio)

The recent retirement of Manny Ramirez was more than just a pre-emptive strike on his behalf against having to serve a 100-game sentence for testing positive for steroids a second time.

The action all but eliminated him from any future consideration for the Baseball Hall of Fame. ...

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Nellie Fox - Baseball Hall of Fame

in Baseball Fever Blog
Date: Mon, Apr 5, 2010

Although Nellie Fox started his major league career with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1947, it was not until after he was ...

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